Flow – Welcome Message and Basics Home

Flow – Welcome Message and Basics Home


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Transcript of Video

 RNS Welcome and Basics


Welcome to RedNeckSounds.com.  –

Teaching the world to Play, Sing  and Dance


How to Use RNS WebSite.  

Learn to Get the Most –

Out Of RedNeckSounds.com –

Quckly and Efficiently –

with our Quick Start Videos.

We at RNS –

Fondly use RNS in short –

for RedNeckSounds.com


  We want to help you –

learn what  you are trying to learn –


what ever is standing in the way of –

what you are trying to learn.


  Example > I want to use my computer

to improve my music and recording skills.

but first I have to learn to use my computer

and my music prorgrams,

before I can use them to improve my music


The computer is standing in the way of

improving my music at that time,

but it is the key –

to getting better and  faster music


  The bottom line is that –

I need to learn both.


The reward will be –

that I have two skills –

when I get done.

Computer Skills –

and Music Skills.

  RNS can help us –

become more successfull –

in our every day activities.


  These Tutorials come from –

RNS Personell’s everyday experiences –

on computers, music, Recording

and so on.

  We just want to share –

our working knowledge of these topics with you –

and help you –

get proficient  –

in your Goals.


  RNS is designed for both –

Impulsive Random study or  

  Well planned flow of study.


  Random Study is accomplished by –

using HighLighted  Words in a paragraph of words.

The HightLighted word indicates –

that it has been  used –

one or more times –

at RNS.


These words might be –

a clickable link

or they can be

copy and pasted

into a search box.


This Search Box will search and find –

related Tutorials or Items

that you can use –

to learn quicky –

about that highlighted word.


  These highlighted words –

are either a Tutorial,  Glossary or Product Term.  


   We can also use Underlined links

to jump to

a desired topic

by clicking on –

that underlined link.


  Both can point you –

to more information

that can help you –

with your current goals.


   If this sounds confusing, Don’t panic.

   We have set up some Quick Start Lessons

to get you up to speed –

quickly and easily. 

   They can be Accessed –

from the Home Page. –

Or at the bottom of this page.

Or from the Tutorials Page


   You can also use the top Menu

to get to other sections –

of our site.

It usually starts with –

the Home-RNS Link.


   RNS is a very dynamic site.

  We are adding  Products, and Tutorials daily and

these links can not always be built at the time of the writings.


We feel that highLighting Key words –

and providing a search method

will enable you to be successful –

in your endeavors at the time.


    Well Planned Flow of Study

can be accomplished by –

using our Tutorials.

Each Tutorials is designed to –

deliver a Well Focused path –

to a certain goal.


   We at RNS are very goal oriented.

See our Organization tutorials

for some good tips and tricks.


Thank You for using our Site and –

we wish you luck and success –

in all of your endeavers.


You can use our Contact Page

to let us know of your successes or challenges. 

We are looking forward to hearing from you.


Now Lets get started by watching the RNS   Quick Start Lessons – Click Here



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